Monday, 27 March 2017


I've been wanting to go 'Papirøen' for so long and yesterday I finally did! It's a mini island (peninsula) and it's one of the most popular food spots in Copenhagen. There are stands from all kinds of different kitchens and countries and they all sell street food. You can sit outside and enjoy the sun and watch the sea while eating delicious meals or drinks. Since it was my first time there I had to take multiple laps in the hall to decide which food I wanted and finally decided for the dish 'Panaeng' from a thai stand (think it was called ThaiOk or something) and it was absolutely delicious! 'Exquisite' as my cousin would say haha. 
If you want to go to Papirøen you should definitely do it this year because from next year on they're gonna rebuild it and it will be closed.
Have a good last week of March! 


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