Friday, 3 March 2017

Mini-brunch with the gang

yesterday I saw my two homies again hehe. We had a mini-brunch and chit chat at a local cafè/ bakery. Always lovely to see these two again. I'm only gonna stay at home for the weekend and on Monday I'm going back to Denmark. Kinda sad, kinda excited.. I didn't get to see many friends this time because I didn't have a lot of time and also time literally flies by. Well, but I can't complain because I knew I would have to focus on my uni application and work that out with my parents. Also, I've planned to come back to Germany in my spring break which is around easter. 
I also miss Copenhagen a bit already and I even miss my language school (?!?). Plus, I'm pretty excited to work a lot with my camera when I get back and create some content and experiement.
Goodbye for now, enjoy your Friday night and have a good start in the weekend!
xo Caroline


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