Monday, 6 February 2017

Sundays are for pampering

Happy Monday! These pictures aren't fancy at all but at least I'm keeping it real hahah. Sundays are for taking care of your body and pampering yourself. So that's exactly what I did last night. First, I put on a cleansing mask and afterwards another cleansing mask which was also nurturing my skin and at last put on moisturizer. For my hair I used some oil which I massaged in my split ends. Of course I had to wear my cozy winter onesie, drank some tea and watched Vampire Diaries. (I'm at the end of season 3 and it's so intense! I find that the show gets better with every season.) It's the perfect way to wind down and relax. Also, my friend did my brows on Saturday and I'm so happy with the result! I've never let anyone touch my brows (unless my mom :D) and used to do it myself. I'm really bad at plucking my brows so this is actually the first time my brows look really 'clean'.

PS: I'm trying to get back to blogging regularly. So, let's see where this will lead me!
xo Caroline


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