Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Balanced lifestyle

Hello everyone!
Today I want to share how I define 'a balanced lifestyle'. I'm trying hard to be healthy by exercising regularly and eating healthy but every now and then everyone deserves a treat. So, if you have been craving for a while or have been wanting to try something you saw at the bakery, then just go for it! Personally, I prefer sweet 'cheat meals' over savory ones (except pizza!) and I really think those foods are part of true happiness. I've been looking at this oreo-vanilla donut for a very, very long time now (maybe weeks or months) but I never bought it because I never liked donuts that much but this particular donut was the best one I've ever had! No kidding, it opened my eyes and now I finally understand that there is a whole undiscovered world of wonderful, delicious donuts that I need to get to know yet. Whatever, this is still an exception and I don't eat candy or fast food on a daily basis. I actually enjoy eating veggies and lots of fruits. This simple lunch I made myself today consisted of carrots, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes with some herb mix and vinegar. Even though it's nothing fancy and I didn't put much effort in it because I was super hungry it was really good. So, in order not to lose control over our intake of fast food and candy, it's always important to remembert that healthy food tastes yummy too! 
xo Caroline

PS: I got the donut from 7-eleven.. go try it and thank me later!


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