Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Sun & coldness can go hand in hand

Today someone said to me that the weather is nicer in Copenhagen when it's cold.. I've never thought about that but he somehow has a point. It's really cold now (although we don't have any snow) but it's also really sunny! It doesn't feel like the sun warms much. I don't remember if there was any sun when the temperature was a bit higher but I'm going to pay more attention to the weather from now on because I think this guy's observation is kinda funny. Yes, I could do research upon the whole weather conditions and effects but this is one topic I'd rather just observe in nature than read about. I had weather in geography in school and it was one of my least favourite topics hahah. This is a very random post but this is something that caught my interest today. Here's a pic to go with it: a pic of me smiling because it was so sunny on Sunday.


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