Saturday, 14 January 2017

Hopped on the bandwagon - Gym

Good morning everyone! I joined a gym for the first time on Thursday even though I never ever wanted to join a gym because I found it boring to train with machines and also a waste of money as you can also train at home or go for a run outside for free. I changed my mind now because working out at home doesn't work for me anymore. My new home in Denmark is so much smaller than the living room I worked out in at my parent's house so after some months I gave in and joined a gym hahah. Another big problem was my motivation because the biggest thing in my room is my bed so I always tend to lay there as soon as I enter my room. Anyways, I'm sure most people's new years resolution is to get fit, healthy and in shape so I recommend joining a gym if you lack motivation! If you don't like training on your own you can also go to classes your gym offers. I'm for example going to a Pilates class in my gym for the first time in half an hour because I used to do Cassey Ho's (Blogilates) Pilates videos on Youtube which was really fun. Obviously I can't really give any good advice yet because my knowledge is quiet small since I've only been at the gym for 2 days but I hope that will change. I don't know how some machines work and always walk around trying to figure them out. While I walk around and read the instruction stickers on the machines I pretend to be super thirsty and drink lots of water from my bottle so I look occupied and the other people don't realise that I have no clue hahah. This actually works pretty well and it's actually not that hard to figure out how to use the machines. Watching how other people do it helps me a lot too. But of course this is kind of dangerous so that's not something I recommend doing. You should ask the staff or a personal coach if you need help. I'm not doing that because I've been at gyms before for try out trainings so I got an idea of some machines.. Here's a pic of my first day at the gym: super excited and motivated hahah (I know.. awful quality, sorry)
Have a nice weekend!


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