Saturday, 21 January 2017

First time cooking soup & lots of crying

Finally weekend! I've been super tired this whole week and I think it's because my body wasn't used to take in so much exercise every day.. But I'm so happy the weekend arrived and I can rest a bit. I cooked a soup for the first time and it was okay but really nothing I want to cook again very soon. I just threw in some vegetables and cooked them and the reason for this was that I had to use up my onions because they were getting old. While cooking this soup I cried so much because I had to cut up sooo many onions hahah. It made cooking very hard. Let me give you one advice: If you make a soup like this, eat all of it the first day because afterwards it will just taste bad. I couldn't do that because it was too much. By the way, I'm obsessed with this kind of bread: It's called 'rugbrød' in Denmark and it's very healthy! Danes love rugbrød and I feel like they barely eat white bread.. Whatever, have a nice weekend!


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