Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas baking session

Christmas still isn't over to me until the new year begins. Yesterday my grandma and my mom baked some christmas cookies and marengs! We didn't bake the cinnamon stars on the upper left though but bought them in the store hahah. My mom wouldn't let me put them on the table when I wanted to take a picture of the cookies until I promised her a million times that I would write in the blog that we didn't bake the stars. It felt like Christmas all over again since we also had a fancier dinner than usual and of course with all the baking. My grandma and I watched 'Amadeus (Director's Cut) after dinner and after an hour I realized that the movie is 3 hours long. We both fell asleep and I unfortunately don't know how the movie ended. :D It's an interesting movie though and it's about Mozart's life and how Salieri envied him and tried to reach his level of music composition.


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