Friday, 21 October 2016

Jyllinge / Signing the contract for my apartment

The day after I got my keys I signed the contract for my first apartment! Well, it's not my own apartment. I'm renting it and sharing it with a roomie (who is very nice). We drove to Jyllinge to sign the contract (because my landlord lives here) and afterwards we went to the fjord and took pictures. It's so beautiful there and looks like the perfect scenery for a movie. Very idyllic place. Plus, I saw a ship in a garden which I found funny lol!
 This was a very big and happy day for me! I feel so comfortable and at home at my new place and couldn't be happier! I'm currently studying for a test I have to take soon so I have my focus on improving my Danish. After the test I'll try to find a job, take my camera out and take lots of pictures of Copenhagen! Can't wait to explore everything and go to lots of places here but for now I'll stay at home most of the time to study. Have a nice weekend! 

PS: The people here are super nice and funny. I already have some friends here and I'm actually going to a birthday bash tomorrow which I'm looking forward to a lot! My friends will show me around town soon and I hope I'll be an expert in no time hahah. That would definitely be helpful and then I could share all the inside tips with you on the blog.


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