Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Santa Monica

we spent a day in Santa Monica last week and I thought I'd share the pictures we took! The pier was so colorful which I really liked. The ocean was (as it always is) beautiful to watch I really loved how three waves rolled onto each other instead of just one single wave. Please also look how beautiful the reflections look when the sand is wet! Well, I am in love with the ocean and it always makes me super happy to watch the waves so I really enjoy my time here. Moreover, I really love my Led Zeppelin shirt even though I have to admit I don't really listen to that band very often.. As we walked through the city a guy said to me 'I like your shirt. Led Zeppelin for days!' which I found funny so I'll just keep wearing it. You can probably tell I love my shirt because I took dozens of pictures with it hahah. 
We're on a cruise now and I'm probably in the middle of the sea, on Santa Catalina Island or in Mexico right now when this post comes online. Greetings from wherever I am that time! xo Caroline


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