Sunday, 28 August 2016

Avalon, Santa Catalina Island

Goodmorning from Southern California! On Tuesday we went to Catalina Island with the cruise which was our first stop. It is very beautfiful there with the beach and all the small shops. It doesn't really look anything like normal American places; it's more vacation-y and has it's own indivdiual vibe. Kind of hard to describe so I think you should go and check for yourself :). We walked around, looked at the shops and rented a boat. I got to drive a boat for the first time ever and it was a lot of fun! In the beginning it was a bit hard but when you get used to it, it's super nice and enjoyable to cruise around and have that amazing view. After our boat ride we bought some delicious ice cream (I chose the flavour cookie dough) and got on bus with a crazy driver who turned his music as high as possible, sang along, laughed a lot and waved to all people on the streets we passed. It was really funny.. I've never seen such a thing. When my cousin went and gave him a tip the bus driver said: 'You rode a crazy bus!' 
Well, I hope you are all going to have a nice Sunday,


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