Sunday, 31 July 2016

Nice - Day 5 & 6

this morning I took home to Germany. My vacation was super nice and it was so good to spend so much time with my grandmother again. Here are some pictures of my last days in Nice. We went to see the church of Jeanne d'Arc which has a very interesting and special design. I even liked the inside a lot which is rare for me because I'm often disappointed of the interior design of churches. With this one though I found it very nice because the doors stood open so that sunlight shined on the beautiful colourful windows. Also, we went to a ice cream shop and I was so curious about the violet ice cream as I've never seen ice cream have that colour before. Well, it didn't taste well in my opinion but at least the other one (peach) did. We also went to the promenade again and randomly saw the "Tour de France a la voile" was happening there and they were also reporting live about the regatta from the promenade. That was cool to see and I still have to google who won hahah.. By the way, there will also follow a travel vlog as usual. 
I will miss my grandmother and Nice but I'm also glad to be home for this week since I haven't seen my parents in a while because of all this travelling. Moreover, I'm going to meet a lot of friends and also go to cheer practice and see my squad again! Next Saturday I'll leave again and this time for a whole month. Ohh, I'm excited already.. Have a good night! x


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