Friday, 29 July 2016

Nice - Day 3-4

on Wednesday and yesterday we went to the Russian orthodox cathedrale called St Nicholas (which I found to be extremely beautfiful!!!) and the Notre Dame of Nice. Moreover, we went to the market and afterwards shopping. I got so excited because I found a blazer in Zara which I had wanted for so long but then it was sold out everywhere and now I got it so cheap because it was on sale and there was exactly one left and it was my size and ahhh- I'm so happy! It was funny because I had just bought a very nice jacket in Zara (which I'm also absolutely in love with!) and was about to leave the shop when I saw the blazer. It was fate. By the way the blazer was on my wishlist which I had posted a while ago. So that was a very succesful day and in the evening my grandma, her friend and I went to a restaurant and the food was incredibly good. Just wow. Have a good night everyone! xx Caroline


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