Friday, 15 July 2016


I got home from Berlin today and I'm really exhausted. My friends and I stayed at my friend's sister's flat from Sunday until this morning. We had a lot of fun this week in our capital city. The first days were very sunny and hot and the last couple of days were rainy and cold so the weather is a bit crazy here. I'm also going to upload a travel vlog Berlin edition but for now I can tell you that we visited many sights, went shopping, ate super delicious food and played Pokémon Go hahah. This was my second time in Berlin and it was quite different than my first time there. Berlin has so many different sides and this time I saw more of the 'real' Berlin since I didn't stay in a hotel and my friend's sister showed us around in places tourists usually don't go to. So it was cool to see new things and learn more about Berlin. Okay, I think I'm going to have a little power nap now because my friend is coming over in the evening and tomorrow I have to wake up early since I'm spontaneously going to a cheerleader event with a few of my team mates. More about that later, have a nice day!
xx Caroline


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