Monday, 18 July 2016

Berlin Haul

I hope everyone had a great start to the week! My awaited parcel came today (one day earlier than it said in the mail - yay!) and now I'm ready to show you what I got in Berlin. So, actually I ordered the shoes from the internet but I chose them online while I still was in Berlin so I think that counts as 'Berlin shopping haul'. I've looked for simple shoes like these for a while and they were also on sale which was very fortunate. Now I can't wait to wear these sneakers! They are just simple black and white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers by the way. In Brandy Melville I bought this rad Led Zeppelin shirt which I've seen before on some people I follow on social media. This top with the strings and the Friends mug were both on sale in Urban Outfitters and I'm so so glad about these good deals I scored! I totally freaked out in the shop when I saw the mug and even more when I saw that the price has gone down so much (those of you who watched 'Friends' will get the joke)! As you can tell I didn't buy much in Berlin but I value every single item super super much and actually this is how I love shopping the most: Quality over quantity :) 
Have a good night,
xo Caroline


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