Friday, 20 May 2016

Youtube: Intro

Hello again! Now that so many exciting things are coming up I thought I would create a Youtube channel to capture everything. I want to vlog a lot and film when I'm travelling the world, moving out and live on my own in a foreign country! Additional to that, I also plan to do all kinds of videos which would be fun to do and interesting to me. For example I might upload many beauty and fashion related videos. One year ago, in April I started uploading Youtube videos but after a month I lost interest and deleted everything. I did the same to my blog in fall/ winter 2013 which I had for a few months. I deleted both because I lost interest but also because I felt uncomfortable and was afraid for people I know to see it. Now I don't care about that anymore and want to try again and I'm really excited! So, it would be nice if you'd check out my channel and watched my first video/ introduction video! Caroline x


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