Friday, 6 May 2016

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day (here in Germany). I made my gift very last minute because I had no idea what I could give him. Typical me, I was kind of unprepared for this day so I had to become a little creative. Therefore I decided to create a short movie for my dad. When my dad and I were in Paris in 2014 we filmed some scenes because we wanted to create a short film together. We never fulfilled our plan though and also the film material wasn't very much. It wasn't easy for me to tell a story with these few scenes we filmed but I gave my best. The film is called 'Incident in Paris' and basically it's just me walking through Paris, running errands and suddenly looking scared. Then there's a cut and I think back on what happened and remember that someone hit my head (which is why I was unconscious) and robbed me. To be honest, I only like the beginning of the movie and am a bit embarassed of the ending because it isn't really good, hahah. My dad (and mom) like it very much though so that is the most important thing to me. I want to create more films in future because it was so fun to put all the scenes together and edit everything. My second part of his present was this cute chocolate bar (which I also showed in my haul a while ago).
So, on Sunday is Mother's Day which means that I'll be creative again but this time I already have an idea. I'm just hoping that my idea will turn out good. In addition to that I'll also gift her a similar chocolate bar. 

Editing the film

A scene of the film in which I look at the big Louis Vuitton store in Paris

Enjoy your day, everyone! 

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