Monday, 2 May 2016

Celebrating the last day of school

On Friday night I went to a house party my friend and her housemates (who are students) threw because they are soon finishing their bachelor at university. So it was very convenient for me that they exactly threw the party on this day because this way I could celebrate the last day of school. The party was very cool and it had the theme 'Bachelor' like the TV show. It was fun as there were lots of people and they were all dressed up. Also their house was decorated very nicely. I also was gifted a rose on the party hahah but unfortunately I forgot it in my guy friend's car who came to pick me up and drove me home. Well, doesn't matter since it was super nice of him to pick me up. Anyways, this was my outfit for the night! Have a nice day!

Me holding my gift for the hosts hehe


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