Friday, 8 April 2016

Haul / Trends: Choker, Calvin Klein

Today I present my newest haul along with some new trends. I was online shopping on the weekend and also went to the city some days ago to buy more things. 

After I've been seeing the new choker trend all over the internet for weeks I couldn't hold myself back any longer and had to order one for myself (Urban Outfitters). Also I bought this off-shoulder top (H&M) to wear with it and I absolutely love this combination.

Found this olive green cardigan in H&M, too.

The next trend I followed is the Calvin Klein underwear. I really liked the grey version but when I found this light pink one I fell in love immediately and could not even let one day pass without buying it. My excitement to wear this is extremely big! I got this Valentine's Day Rosé edition from Urban Outfitters and I believe you can't buy it anywhere else.

My old slippers ripped recently so I got these ones (MyShoes). I wasn't sure at first whether I liked them because they sort of are grandma-like shoes but this metallic brown colour makes them look very chic and changed my mind completely. They aren't very comfortable though.

My dad bought me these DVDs and yes the right DVD contains two movies for children but I like to watch movies like these to bring back my memories, haha. The left one is the first season of 'Switched at Birth'. I've heard a lot good from this series so I wanted to check it out and I like it as far as I've watched.

I also got myself a yoga mat because my old one ripped and now I can work out properly again (TK Maxx).

Bought this candle which smells really good in my opinion and this tea tree oil treatment  (The BodyShop). The shower gel is from Philosophy and it smells like a christmas bakery; so delicious (TKMaxx). The funny chocolate bars are for my parents (TKMaxx).

  Also I got my Michael Kors necklace back... It ripped some months ago so I went to the shop and they sent it back and gave me a new one. So happy to have it back!


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