Monday, 27 March 2017


I've been wanting to go 'Papirøen' for so long and yesterday I finally did! It's a mini island (peninsula) and it's one of the most popular food spots in Copenhagen. There are stands from all kinds of different kitchens and countries and they all sell street food. You can sit outside and enjoy the sun and watch the sea while eating delicious meals or drinks. Since it was my first time there I had to take multiple laps in the hall to decide which food I wanted and finally decided for the dish 'Panaeng' from a thai stand (think it was called ThaiOk or something) and it was absolutely delicious! 'Exquisite' as my cousin would say haha. 
If you want to go to Papirøen you should definitely do it this year because from next year on they're gonna rebuild it and it will be closed.
Have a good last week of March! 

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

10 Things I Would Save In A Fire

I uploaded a new video on my Youtube channel! Would be happy if you'd check it out :) xo

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

A little change

I took a stroll around Copenhagen on Friday and I took some random pics in Nyhavn and of the opera. 

Last night I decided that I want to focus on my Youtube for a while (instead of my blog) and also on Photography. 
This doesn't mean I won't blog anymore but I think I will take my blog in another direction. At least for a while. I am going to post the pictures I take with my camera on the blog so there will still be posts here but in another way.. maybe in a more artsy way and less about lifestyle.. (?). 

Let's just see where this will take us. I change my mind all the time so I don't know myself how things will go. Anyways, I really feel that I need to focus on one platform so that I can actually become better and make progress. Wish me luck! xx

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Kehlani concert

On Sunday I went to the Kehlani concert in Copenhagen and it was absolutely amazing! The show inspired me so much and I reflected about what I want to do with my life on my way home. She is only 21 years old but she seems so mature and wise. Her voice is so beautiful and she had Ella Mai and DJ Noodles as supporting acts and they were great too. Actually more than that. DJ Noodles inspired me too ahh I can't explain it! 
Unfortunately Kehlani had to cancel the rest of her European tour dates now because she has to get surgery. I consider myself very lucky to have seen her since it was her last concert before she flew back to get surgery. I hope she gets well soon!
It was a special night and so so great. Check out my pics! :)

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Movie Reviews: "La La Land", "Being John Malkovich" & more

Hello hello,
today I thought I should start a new thing on here to get some variety and structure. I've watched a couple movies quite recently and am going to share my thoughts with you.

First things first.. the only new movie I'm reviewing:

La La Land

I watched this movie last week and I've been waiting for it to hit the  movie theatres for so long. After hearing so much good and it being praised by everyone I got my expectations really high. Actually, too high.
My opinion is an unpopular one since I am slightly disappointed. Don't get me wrong. I liked the movie and I think it has lots of beautiful scenes but I don't think the story is extraordinary. I really liked the beginning as well as the middle part. I was convinced that the movie is amazing because I was so sure that there would be a surprise or some kind of plot twist at the end. Well, there wasn't. 
Maybe the 'not so happy' ending could be seen as a surprise in some people's opinion though. 
Moreover I didn't sympathize with the characters enough. I didn't really root for them or feel with them. 
Another thing is that I don't really like musicals that much (except 'High School Musical' and Disney movies hahah). 
Plus, I found that major jump at the end of the movie very weird..
And I was generally irritated by the whole retro look and the characters having iPhones at the same time. I couldn't define in which the story is set in..confused me.
Ok, I think I criticized enough. I don't want to call it a bad movie. In contrary, I think it's a nice movie but nothing too special and definitely overrated.

Young Adult:

I didn't have high expectations in the first place and it's not a movie you must see. This is a movie about a woman (played by Charlize Theron) who goes back to her hometown to win her ex-boyfriend back who just got a baby by his wife. It's kind of funny and because of how pathetic this girl is since she and that guy broke up 15 years ago and she still is so obsessed. It's almost hard to watch her being so crazy and cringe-worthy hahah. 
But whatever it's a movie you'd watch on a 15-hour flight and can't sleep. Nothing special.

Being John Malkovich:

I watched this movie today and I must say it's quite interesting.. Actually, I just wanted to watch this movie because I've never seen a movie with Malkovich and I wanted to change that. Malkovich is one of the main characters (what a surprise), so I reached my main goal hahah.
The movie is hard to understand and I think I didn't comprehend everything since it's so complicated. It's about a puppet artist who finds a portal that leads into John Malkovich's head and you become him for 15 minutes. Lots of things happen and it's all logical until a certain point. Again, one of the main characters (the puppet artist) is crazy, pathetic and now that I think about it... mentally ill. 
It's definitely interesting but I don't really have a positive or negative feeling because it's so freaky. It's weird and is supposed to make you think.

You don't know Jack:

Out of all movies I liked this one best! This is a truly fascinating movie that definitely will catch and keep your attention.
It's a movie based on a true story: In the 90s there was a really big scandal about Jack Kevorkian, a doctor who wanted to legalize euthanasia (assisted suicide). 
Jack Kevorkian is played by Al Pacino (another goal of mine was reached: Watch a movie with Al Pacino) and he feels compassion for over a 100 very sick patients and decides to free them from their suffering. It's not just a good movie because you know that it's a true story in the back of your head.. it's really compelling and might probably even change your mind (if you disagree with assisted suicide being legalized).

Okay, enough for now. I didn't want to write too much about the story lines because I spoil movies so easily whenever I do that. So, here you go.

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